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Web Development Slayton Minnesota

We can have you listed in top search results across the United States in over 100,000 cities and towns or globally if you prefer to reach everyone!

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Api's are a great substitute for databases, if you don't have a database. It works the same way as far as it's all data driven. I've coded websites using both api's and databases and after all this time I still choose to use an api when i can. Api driven websites are good for real estate, like zillow or employment sites like indeed ... usually api's are driven by xml or json files which also can be read easily online for quick reference just by typing in the url.

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Databases are great for big business and lets admit - it's a database, it's made to store all your important data to be easily displayed online for the end user. Lots of blogs use databases and many other programs that require a login or data capture.

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We offer hosting for all our websites. We take all the stress of getting a website up and running. We will purchase the url and set up the hosting for you as well as other needed processes to get your business up and running fast as well as being found online with our SEO specialist. All of this and more will be included in the final price.

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Blogs are a great way to get your info out there quickly. Not like webpages - blog posts are read by google almost instantly and if you add the right SEO to it - you'll end up at the top of search results. Not every listing or post will have top search results but the majority of it will, if you let us design and code it.

We offer many web development services including content management systems to fit any business need you may have. We've built rental properties websites that use an api to populate the site or employment form websites to keep everything saved for easy access and searches. If you are looking for an e-Commerce website, you've come to the right place - we're great with making you money online and better yet adding the needed SEO to get you on the grid and getting customers fast! Some of the services, code we offer Web Design, Programming, SEO, Content Management Systems, Hosting, UI/UX, e-Commerce, Databases, Blogs, Cyber Security, Cross Browser Compatibility and more ... Web Development Slayton Minnesota. Visit our Web Design page and see what added features we can add to your websites to get the most online presence and sales.

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