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20% of every purchase goes to the Fire Station 4-41 or Salvation Army located in Ridgway, PA.

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Screen Printing

Sasquatch County Custom Apparel

Screen printing custom apparel is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink, and a reverse stroke then causes the screen to touch the substrate momentarily along a line of contact. This causes the ink to wet the substrate and be pulled out of the mesh apertures as the screen springs back after the blade has passed. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design.

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Sasquatch County Screen Printing

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I've always been into art and got a degree in Computer Science (Graphic Design - Web Development) back in 2000. When I think of screen printing I imagine the smell of the ink, burning images on screens, designing the images just right for the best print and exposure possible. There's a lot that goes into and it's so nice seeing your end product shine with customer staifaction. Visit our Create Your Own page and place your artwork to see in real time what your product would look like!

We offer quality custom prints on a wide variety of products like T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Backpacks, Aprons, Flags, Bags, Hats, Pants, Bottles, Socks, Tire Covers, Koozies but not limited too. Our turn around on prints are usually 2 weeks but can do rush jobs if need be. We use some of the best ink you can buy so you're guaranteed a long lasting print above the rest. Stop in or give us a call for your next business event, retreat, family ... If you need a design created, logo ... we can do that too - our graphic designer has over 20 years of experience with design and Screen Printing, one of the best! If you have any questions, want to make an order ... You can call 814-335-1346 or just come in the shop.

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Call today at 814-335-1346 or Get a Quote for your business, family or upcoming events.
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Web Development, Web Design & Programming

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We offer many web development services including content management systems to fit any business need you may have. We've built rental properties websites that use an api to populate the site or employment form websites to keep everything saved for easy access and searches. If you are looking for an e-Commerce website, you've come to the right place - we're great with making you money online and better yet adding the needed SEO to get you on the grid and getting customers fast! Some of the services, code we offer Web Design, Programming, SEO, Content Management Systems, Hosting, UI/UX, e-Commerce, Databases, Blogs, Cyber Security, Cross Browser Compatibility and more ... Web Development. Visit our Web Design page and see what added features we can add to your websites to get the most online presence and sales.

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